Making Self-Care a daily habit


Doing something that makes me feel energized or that allows me to feel fulfilled and joyful is my mission each day.

Don’t misunderstand me, I have my struggles pushing through on many days and falling short on going to the gym, eating properly, getting enough rest, homework, I could go on. Through trial and error I’m learning what makes me feel at my best mentally, physically and spiritually.

If you have ever struggled with being consistency, then read on. Usually, when I have to stop doing what I know improves my life it is because I have lost focus of what fulfills me. Think about this for a minute.

Have you ever gone to the gym to workout and had the thought while leaving, ” I feel so much better”. While we all know what makes us feel better, that feeling isn’t always enough in the beginning to drive us to do what we know will serve our highest good. So you might be thinking,” How do I make self-care a habit?” Here are a few of the strategies that have worked for me lately :

*Schedule your self-care time daily. It can be 15 minutes or more but make time in your calendar for you each day.

* Identify your self-care activities. It is so much easier to schedule time when you know what activity matters most and refuels you.

* Keep it simple. Grand plans sound great but are hard to maintain. Make implementing your self-care rituals easy. You might light candles daily or take a nice bubble bath at the end of the day. Make it easy to say yes to taking care of yourself.

* Tell your family that you need them to help you and hold you accountable to take better care of yourself. Your family can help to hold you accountable.

* Divorce guilt. Self-care is as important as brushing your teeth. It makes you stronger and healthier.

– Ranisha S.


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